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The Installation Function Under TCI

Stationary Manufacturing,

Demand -F low Manufacturing, 
Total Company Integration

and now


- The Future in
Company Profit
and Efficiency -

The IM Requirements under TCI:

The IM attends the kick off meetings.  He is a part of that entire process and offers suggestions on everything.  He also assists in offering dates on the CPR.  The IM reviews shop drawings for distribution of items to the location it is installed. The IM offers field joint locations and communicates the same to the entire attendance at the kick off meeting.


The IM oversees the tool inventory, and provides inventory reports for senior management. 


The IM supervises all installers, trains, equips, and motivates. 


The CPR must continually be evaluated and if changes are needed, the IM communicates the suggested change back to the PM. 


The IM works for the PM much the same as the Engineering manager does.  This is not a supervisory role, but a task role.  The IM recognizes that the PM is charged with responsibility for the project, but not supervisory responsibility. 


The IM supervises the entire installation and provides daily reports back to the PM.If the project is not ready for installation, the IM must immediately communicate back to the PM.  The PM should be in communication with the GC, and will transmit change orders if the delay is the fault of others.


The IM completes punch list items, and reports completion to the PM. 

There is very much more taught during the installation process under TCI.  

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