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Project Management for Clients

The Project Management (TCI) Program

DMC provides the best project management available in the industry.  We use the "Total Company Integration" concept (TCI). In this, our goal is to save the equivalent of a PM fee on every project, which we do regularly. As part of TCI, the project manager is known as a "Free Position".

Here's How The Program Works:

1.  Knowing this is a temporary assignment, we quote an amount to manage the project.  We could work by the hour, but we at DMC are task oriented.  Quoting by the hour could limit us. We offer all PM services including project close-out and final payment.  

2.  We develop a plan using TCI and work that plan.  Using DMC   software we provide regular and up-to-date profit and loss reports by item, sub-item and total project.  Our system includes review of all submitting, purchasing over-sight, costing, a systematic approach to projects, installer supervision, and every other project management function.  Our goal then is to reduce costs equal to the equivalent of our fee for the project, or more.  


3.  When you hire DMC to manage a project, you automatically receive TCI training, which is a cost savings of initially $5,600 per week. 

DMC Has Owner, General Contractor, and Architectural Contacts Throughout North America. They Respect DMC and Welcome Our Project Management Skills.     

To Get Started, just call me (Dave) at 719-488-2759 or 719-755-8897. I will answer any of your questions and discuss our availability. And, I will offer a PM presentation via a GoToMeeting presentation if desired.  And then we simply send you a contract.  We have always increased net profit above our fees when you perform correctly.  

                                                                      David M. Creech

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