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The Sales Program

DMC Has Owner, General Contractor, and Architectural Contacts Throughout North America. They Respect DMC and Welcome Our Pricing and Recommendations.     


Here's How The Program Works:

1.  We offer territories (subject to availability).

2.  We develop a sales brochure, rating your company                on several objective factors. These brochures                    are provided to our contacts for review.  

3.  We pre-qualify your company, limiting competition.

4.  We also negotiate many projects, eliminating the                  competition.  

5.  DMC will not represent companies that have a poor                reputation or low credit rating.  Don't even ask, our

       name is on what we do.

After many decades of experience closing all types of high end projects, as a retained sales force we can bring you the quality projects that you are looking for.  There is no limit to our abilities geographically.  We have contacts throughout the 50 United States, North America and overseas in south-central Asia. If you can perform, have a track record and passable financials I will bring in the projects that you need to succeed. 

To Get Started, just call me (Dave) at 719-488-2759 or 719-755-8897.  We will tell you if your territory is available. I will answer all of your questions and offer a GoToMeeting presentation if desired.  And then we simply send you a contract.  We have always increased net profit above our fees when you perform correctly.  

                                                             David M. Creech

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