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The Production Function Under TCI:

A key part of the TCI system is a strong leader over the shop production system.  Herein the Production Manager is called the PDM. 


There are basic roles taught under TCI, which are taught during the learning process.  There are also minimum duties 

  1. Attend kick-off meetings.  Actively participate in discussion about the CPR.  Offer procedure changes and suggestions for improvement.  Commit to meeting the CPR with the PM and others.  Contribute to the contract discussion. The PDM must have regular possession of the estimate. He should learn and be able to communicate all items on the estimate to the production floor, as it pertains to production, when there is some confusion.  The PDM must be able to communicate the production schedule for the time the project must be produced, offer suggestions if production is at 120% (120% is considered maximum production – 100% does little to raise the sense of urgency) and place the project into the schedule.  Working with the purchasing department, the PDM must insure that all materials and supplies are available at the start of production, and are staged accordingly.

  2. Regularly observe and offer improvement to the engineering department.

  3. Review engineering and optimization documents for production prior to releasing items into production. Communicate any problems to engineering, engineering manager and the PM.  If the materials are not correctly optimized, make changes with or without engineering.  The PDM releases all items to production through the shop foreman and leads.  For complex items, it is important to have a mini-kick off meeting with the shop foreman and leads. 


The PDM must be able to read architectural drawings, renderings, shop drawings, and be an expert at visualizing the intent on every item, on every project. The PDM must be able to clearly communicate the intent to all his leads.  This and much more is taught under TCI.  

As the key position for the company, the TCI program teaches proper production management throughout the company, not just on the production floor.   

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