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DMC Seminars Are Available in Estimating Premium Architectural Millwork

Taught by Matt or Dave Creech

One Day (eight hour) Seminars are held in Colorado Springs each year, and are held in various locations throughout the year (subject to registrations).  We also hold exclusive company seminars at your company location.  Any number of participants are allowed from your company.  The cost is $3,495.00. 

The cost for the Estimating Seminar is $495.00 per person or $3,495.00 for exclusive presentations at your location. There is no limit to the number of employees that can attend when seminars are held at your location.

This is a no-nonsense course in the fundamentals of estimating.  The average 8 hour seminar equips experienced estimators with more tools to be successful.  If you are new to estimating this course will put you on the road to a rewarding career estimating premium grade architectural millwork. 


When you register for a seminar, you will be given a full version of the TCI Estimating and Project Management Platform FREE OF CHARGE.  The normal price for the expanded version of this software is $2,995.00.   


You will learn how to estimate:

Milling, assembly, finishing, engineering, project management, purchasing, materials, rental equipment, freight, per diem, parking, distribution, set-up, installation, egress issues, sizing millwork for buildings, and close-out.  


Using our platform as a training guide you will learn every part of our industry, how to provide your employer with accurate estimates that will stand up to scrutiny, and the importance of TCI Itemization.

DMC Continuing Education Series

      Course Offering: Estimating Architectural Millwork


I. The Preliminaries

        A. Introductions 

        B. Integration & Estimating by using TCI       

        C. The Quality Certification Program (QCP)     

        D. LEED                                                                 

        E. FSC

        F. CSI Format

              1. Master Format

              2. CSI Format effect on Estimating

              3. CSI PowerPoint

              4. CSI PowerPoint Quiz

              5. CSI Format Specs and an Actual Contract

II. Review of Some Difficult Projects

        A. Reviewing AWS (standards)

        B. Criteria for deciding to quote a project

        C. Terminology

        D. The Hierarchy of Architectural Documents  

        E. Items needing special pricing & long lead items

              1. Special Hardware

              2. Banquettes

              3. Stone

              4. Bar Tops

              5. Metals

              6. Fabrics

              7. Glass

        F. Identifying Millwork and Study of

            a Complex Project (Mott 32)

              1. Estimate by area, explained

              2. Actual Estimate - How the estimate works

              3. Let’s play with the estimate

              4. Mott 32 Architectural Specifications

                         a. Division 0,1

                         b. Division 6

                         c. Divisions 8-12

              5. Mott 32 Bid Set (Overview)

        G. Identifying Millwork (St. Matthews Project) 

              1. How Itemization Affects the Entire Company

              2. Sub-identification

              3. Applying Scaling

        H. Identifying Millwork (Hawksmoor Project)  

              1. How Itemization Affects the Entire Company

              2. Sub-identification

              3. Applying Scaling

        I. Applying Hours and Dollars   


III. Your Estimate

        A. The TCI Forms

        B. Estimating Quiz and Other Info

              1. RFI Log Sample 1

              2. RFI Log Sample 2

        C. Items Requiring Special Pricing 

              1. Special Hardware

              2. Banquettes

              3. Stone

              4. Bar Tops

              5. Metals

              6. Fabrics

              7. Glass

        D. CSI Specification – Your Project 

              1. Division 0,1

              2. Division 5

              3. Division 6

              4. Divisions 8-12

              5. Other Documents

        E. The Hierarchy of Architectural Documents

        F. CSI – effect on an actual contract 

        G. Identifying in Architectural Documents 

              1. How Itemization Affects the Entire Company

              2. Applying Scaling Through Identification

IV. Applying Hours and Dollars

        A. Material Costs

              1. Items Coming to the Shop

              2. Applying shipping to the shop

              3. Quotations, verbal vs in writing

              4. Commodity Item Pricing

        B. Observing Your Shop              

        C. Hours, Milling

              1. Applying hours to milling functions

              2. Identifying what is efficient

        D. Hours Assembly,

        E. Hours Sanding

        F. Hours Finishing

        G. Hours Pack/Load              


V.  Continuation of the Estimate

        A. Calculating Freight

        B. Hours Unload and Install

        C. Project Management/Engineering Time

        D. The Proposal


VI. Summary

        A. Communication to your Customer 

        B. What to Expect

        C. Getting Results 

DMC takes all credit cards.  To register for the next seminar, please fill in the required information and press Submit.  

Due to misuse of this registration system, we now are tracking and reporting those who abuse this registration method.

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