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DMC Estimating and Project Management Platform

The Importance of a Profit and Loss System

A Project Manager Must See Where He Is Making Money, And Where He Is Losing Money.  


This report shows by item, exactly what department is not doing well.  

The PM must see what is going on where red is.  Either the estimate is off (which should be addressed with the estimator), or, there are inefficiencies that must be corrected in the departments that are showing red.  Shipping, milling, sanding, finishing, and unloading is losing money. Material purchases, assembly & engineering/PM are doing well.  Hours are over by 230.   

In this example, the project is doing well because it is under by 42 hours.  But materials, assembly, and pack/load is red.  The PM can address this problem and make adjustments, thus increasing profit. 

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