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DMC Estimating and Project Management Platform

Chart Overview:

Each Chart Adjusts As You Input Data.  

The Program Literally Teaches You How To Estimate. 

Once Project Is Won, The Program Gives You Many reports Showing How You Are Doing.

These charts adjust as you fill In Numbers.  The Left chart adjusts as job costs are entered. 
Every Category Is Shown.  Note Even The Ratio Of Meals and Lodging To Total Field Labor Is Shown. 
On the project management side, these charts adjust as you add actual dollar costs for materials and hours within each department. 
As The Project Manager Fills In Actual Hours, A Quick Glance Can Be Seen. Less Orange Than 50% Means Money Is Being Lost. 
Sub-Categories, Main Categories;
All Are Included That Matter.  Job Gains or Losses Are Easily Seen. 
Total Numbers - Estimate Vs. Actual Are Included