DMC Seminars Are Available in Project Management of Architectural Millwork Projects Using the Total Company Integration

(increased net profit averages 3-4% under this system)

One Day (eight hour) Seminars are held in Colorado Springs once per year. 

Taught by Matt or Dave Creech

One Day (eight hour) Seminars are held in Colorado Springs each year, and are held in various locations throughout the year (subject to registrations).  We also hold exclusive company seminars at your company location.  Any number of participants are allowed from your company.  The cost is $2,950.00. 

The cost for the Project Management Seminar is $495.00 per person or $2,950 for exclusive presentations at your location. 

You may register below or email DMC for the registration form.

Front Range.jpg

Our next 8 hour hotel seminar is currently on hold due to Covid, but the on-site seminars are available.

When we begin seminars in hotels again, our number one location is near the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado.  This area is a short drive from Denver south on I-25.  You may fly into Denver or Colorado Springs.  The photo to the left is the view from our office location.

Spouses may accompany the primary attendee for 1/4 price ($124.00)

You will learn how to manage projects in all of these areas:

Contract Law, Negotiation, Itemization, Invoicing, Job Costing, Submittals, Templating, Communication, Using Critical Path Reports, Scheduling, Production, Purchasing, Lay-out, Installation, Profit and Loss, Understanding Freight, Sizing millwork for Buildings, Close-out and More.  


Using the TCI system as a training guide you will learn this new and exciting system to manage architectural millwork projects and increase net profit. 


The seminar syllabus is below:

Syllabus Page 1.JPG
Syllabus Page 2.JPG

DMC takes credit cards noted. To register for this seminar, please fill in the required information and press Submit.  A Hold Harmless form will be sent for your signature, as well as proof of registration.  You will receive more information as the date gets closer.   

For multiple attendees or spouse please register separately for each attendee.  Note, if you are an attending spouse please state so by stating as such after your typing in your name. 

Due to misuse of this registration system, we now are tracking and reporting those who abuse this registration method.  Someone has nothing else to do with their time except cause grief for DMC. 

Thanks, You Are Registered. We will charge the card for the first lesson and send a receipt. We will contact you for the first lesson schedule.