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A Program Concept That Saves Much More Than The Fee

To order a TCI Review please email Dave Creech                  at
               or call 719-488-2759 (office) or
                719-755-8897 (Cell Phone For Dave Creech). 

The program, known as TCI, incorporates all departments into a single goal setting company.  Those companies that did not embrace the concept usually lost money or closed in the last economic recession.  Those that embraced the TCI program made profits during the same time.  It is inconceivable to think that there will not be another recession in the economy.  When everything seems to be going well, do you not see room for improvement?  Now is the time to implement the program, not just when you are losing money. 
DMC studied this international concept, has made it into a teachable platform and teaches it at your location or during a seminar. The purpose is to increase profits well beyond the cost of implementing the program.  


Please see the next pages for a complete explanation of the program.  

- The Future in
Company Profit
and Efficiency -
Demand -F low Manufacturing, 


and now

Stationary Manufacturing,


Total Company Integration
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