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DMC Seminars Are Available in Reading and Negotiating Contracts in the Architectural Millwork Industry

One Day (eight hour) Seminars are held in Colorado Springs each year, and are held in various locations throughout the year (subject to registrations).  We also hold exclusive company seminars at your company location.  Any number of participants are allowed from your company.  The cost is $3,495.00.

Taught by Matt or Dave Creech

The cost for the Contracts Seminar is $495.00 per person at a hotel venue or $3,495.00 for exclusive presentations at your location. There is no limit on the number of employees that can attend the seminar at your location. 

      DMC Continuing Education Series

      Course Offering: Sub-Contracts for Architectural Millwork

      and Woodworking Companies




        I.     The Business Model Explained

                  A.   Who Invented This Business Model?

                  B.   Why?

        II.     Know What You’re Signing

                  A.   The Typical Contract

                         1.   How to Read Contracts

                         2.   The Parts of The Contract

                         3.   Construction Documents and Your Contract

                                a.  The RFI and the Contract

                                b.  The Contract and Your Proposal

                                c.  Change Orders

                         4.   Lien Rights and Your Contract – When and How-To Lien A Project

                         5.   Mitigating Only Getting Paid When the GC Gets Paid

                  B.   The Typical P.O.

                  C.   Who Signs the Contract?

                         1.   When to Sign the Contract in The Process

                         2.   Signing A Sub-Contract That Ties You to the Prime Contract

                         3.   The Kenny Rogers Model -

                                “Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold “Em”

                         4.   The Pitfalls of Signing A One-Sided Contract

                               a.  Landmines in the Contract

                               b.  Landmines in Related Documents

        III.     How Are You Bound by The Contract?

                  A.   Contracts and the Legal Issues

                         1.   Standard Lawsuits

                         2.   Arbitration

                  B.   When to Go to Court

                  C.   Liquidated and Consequential Damages

                  D.   How does the contract tie your hands with regard to Change Orders?

                  E.   Mobilizations / Shipments and the Contract

                  F.   Differences between Contracts and Purchase Orders

        IV.     Integrating the Contract with Your Facility

                  A.   Your Rights When There Are Delays

                  B.   Using A CPR (Critical Path Report)

                  C.   FSC, LEED and Your Contract

                  D.   A Discussion of CSI Format

                  E.   AWI and Your Contract

                  F.   The AIA Contracts

        V.      Relationship Building with Contracts

                  A.   Intra-Company Communication and Your Contract

                  B.   Your Contract and Production Schedules

        VI.     Your Contract and Performance

                  A.   Contracts and Production Schedules

                         1.   Templating and Your Contract

                         2.   How to Flatten Production to Meet A Tight Schedule

                  B.   When Is the Owner to Be Contacted and How?

                  C.   Pre-Qualifying Before Bidding Vs Bidding Before Pre-Qualifying

                  D.   Your Contract and Bonding

                  E.   How Much of Your Estimate Do You Provide to the GC?

                  F.   What Happens If You Fail to Meet Your Contractual Obligations?

         VII.    Summary

As a bonus, you will learn Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Format, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Requirements, Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) and Total Company Integration (TCI) Requirements. 

DMC takes all credit cards.  To register for the next seminar please fill in the required information and press Submit.  Or, if you would like to schedule a seminar at your location, also register below.   
Due to misuse of this registration system, we now are tracking and reporting those who abuse this registration method. 

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