DMC Estimating and Project Management Platform


There are two ways to receive the platform: 


1. Purchase The Millwork Portion of the Platform 

    Cost is $495.00 with unlimited seats and one hour of free 

    training (additional training is charged at $95.00 per hour). 

2. Get it for free by becoming a client of DMC.  This 

    includes attending a seminar, ordering estimates, a TCI                    evaluation, or any other programs provided by DMC. 

Purchasing or Receiving Your Free Copy of the Platform is Easy:

1. Fill out the information below (If you are already a client we do not need payment information). 

2. We will send you our Hold-Harmless form.  Once signed and received, 

3. We will send you the platform in Excel with instructions*

Due to misuse of this registration system, we now are tracking and reporting those who abuse this registration method.  Someone has nothing else to do with their time except cause grief for DMC. 

We are processing your credit card, and will transmit the software application and instructions during business hours.*