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Estimating For Clients (Two Tier Pricing System - See "Want To Hire" Page)

DMC Provides Estimating On All Projects,      
Simple or Complex.  Estimates are provided
on our DMC Platform.
This means each estimate gives you 35 tabs or reports!

Please See An Actual Review By A Customer At The End Of This Page

Each estimated item is broken down by the following categories:

1. Itemized Functions

2. Project Management Hours per Item

3. Engineering Hours Per Item

4. Material Costs Per Item

5. Special material purchases per item

6. Equipment rental if needed per item

7. Mill hours per item and function

8. Assembly hours per item and function

9. Sanding per item and function

10. Total shop hours per function, total item, and total project

11. Total engineering and project management labor rate per function, item, and total project. 

12. Rate can be changed, automatically.per item or total project, with all totals automatically changed. 

13. Total shop, pre-finished labor rate per function, item and total project. Rate can be changed automatically, per item or total project, with all totals automatically changed. 

14. Total engineering, project management, all shop labor with the ability to change the hourly rate.

15. Total dollar pre-finished cost

16. Cost per function, item and total project for finishing materials

17. Hours per function, item and total project for finishing

18. Dollar costs for finishing, easily adjustable, changing the total function, item, and total project with ease. 

19. Total dollar and hours for finishing, per function, item and total project

20. And many more categories per function, item, and total project:total costs for finishing, packing and loading costs, freight, unloading and distribution costs, installation costs per item and total (fully adjustable), total fabrication and installation per function, item and total, total cost for job-site meals and lodging per item, adjustable overhead, adjustable profit, tax column, and grand total per function, item and total project. 

V6.0 Recap Snippet.JPG

We obtain pricing from your vendors and/or our close relationships, and will negotiate the project for you if desired. Our goal for you is to increase your close rate on estimates as well. So the estimate that we provide must stand up to scrutiny by your customers as well as your needs.

Call 719-375-9470, or email

An Actual Review from a Satisfied Customer:

Hello XXXXX,

We're giving this to all clients to see if our services can be improved, and to see if weaknesses in estimating exist. Please complete and reply giving your honest opinion - it shouldn't take more than 2 minutes. Thanks! 
1. Are you satisfied with the accuracy of estimates given; in other words, are most aspects of a typical millwork scope included?  
2. Satisfied with the qualifications & conditions given in items to protect your company's interests?    5
3. Satisfied with the values placed in items, such as hours mill, assembly, etc.?    5
4. Do you feel that dollar values assigned to items are appropriate?   5
5. Is communication between you and DMC satisfactory?   5
6. Are RFI's handled in a professional manner?   5

Please write any comments you wish to include below:

It has been a pleasure working with DMC.  I have found that you are willing to working with XXXXX and adjust as we go through the bid process. Very professional. 

If desired, you can purchase the software for $2,995.00 for the full multi-industry platform.
If you become a client of DMC the DMC Estimating and Project Management Platform is free. 

See the "Estimating/Project Mgt. Platform " Page in the Menu. 
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