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Listing of Available Candidates

Dear Employer:

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Candidate #125 - Architectural Millwork Engineer

Qualified candidate with extensive experience in architectural millwork engineering. Five years experience as a shop manager also.  Experience in AutoCAD - 8 years. Experience in Cad Cam - 5 years. Experience in Cabinet Vision - 3 years.  Possibly willing to relocate from the Texas market. ​

Candidate #124 - Machine Operator (this person must immigrate from India)

Candidate wants to pursue challenging environments as an wood machine operator. Professional knowledge and skills for the achievement of the company  goals,  Vast working experience with router machines. Profound knowledge of manual dexterity. Familiarity with safe working procedures and Ability to stand for long periods of time. Ability to focus on details.  Experience on Biesse machines including the Rover GOLD 1232 & ECO BREAMA, Drilling with Routing and Milling Machines, the Jade 240 Edge Banding Machine, where I operated gluing machines to glue pieces of wood together using different types of edge bands, and the Selco SK3 beam saw machine.  Strong work experience in b-solid cad cam software and strong experience in modular furniture drilling operation and knowledge of AutoCAD. Strong knowledge of OSI software.  Seven years work experience in modular furniture and wood industries.

Candidate #123 - Production Manager, Joinery and Interiors - Currently Overseas. 


Candidate #122 - Trim Carpenter / Door Installer

Hard working and dedicated carpenter with decades of experience in multiple fields of carpentry, door-building, trim, siding, windows, demolition, remodeling and all aspects of the carpentry trades looking for a long-term career opportunity within a stable company.   
Door Building and Installation • Commercial and Residential • Work from blueprints, drawings, sketches and design specifications.  Trim Carpentry, • Door, Siding and Window Installation. Regularly work with table saws, lathes, joiners, band saws and hand tools 

Candidate #121 - Senior Estimator and Project Manager

Expertise in Premium Grade Architectural Millwork as an Estimator and Project Manager gained from over 32 years in the millwork and casework Industry;  self motivated with highly developed skills and experience in providing leadership. Creative problem solver for both shop applications and  the job site;  able to make value engineering suggestions for over budget projects and still try to maintain the design intent; maintain good customer   relationships and promote loyalty.  Firm knowledge of AWI Quality Standards, FSC Products; LEED Building requirements; AutoCad capabilities.   

Candidate #118 - Cabinet Maker/Foreman

In charge of all production/manufacturing of all products from drawings/blueprints until it hit the finish booth and sometimes including finishing. Minimal knowledge of finishes but a steady hand. This candidate has made custom doors including  massive sets of arched double doors.  Lead-installer that made sure customers were completely happy with the job. Managed some aspects of a custom door shop, with some unique millwork also. In charge of the production side: making doors to print. This candidate performs the tasks and assigns jobs to cut-out, glue-up, sand, veneer and vacuum press doors. Candidate assists in the CNC Router area frequently.   


Candidate #117 - Cabinet Maker

Cabinet Maker responsible for the complete fabrication of high end custom cabinetry and all of its components . This included custom lay up of veneers and the milling of exotic hardwoods.  Custom Fabricator, building Exhibits for Trade shows.  Lead Cabinet Maker hired for Custom Commercial Interiors.

Candidate #116 - Cabinet Maker, Lead

Fully skilled woodworker with 28 years of hands on experience working in all phases of the millwork industry such as but not limited to, manufacturing of custom furniture, wall units, casework and cabinetry.  Individual advanced woodworking skills, precise detail and quality oriented ability to read and build from shop drawings. Skilled in the use of all woodworking equipment and hand tools.  Full working knowledge in all phases of millwork, casework and cabinetry. Motivated, self-starter with good communication skills. 


Candidate #115 - Drafter

Name, design and sale new custom cabinetry for new construction homes. Projects accounted for $2,300,000 annually.  I would create the layout. Then, I would meet with the homeowners and/builder to discuss the specifics of the project. I worked closely with the homeowners, builder and installers throughout the process until the final walk-through has been completed.  Conducted extensive and accurate field measuring at new construction job sites.  Thoroughly examined architectural plans to ensure complete knowledge of the scope of the project. Produced concept/construction/installation shop drawings. Submitted and followed up RFIs. Handled multiple projects at one time.


Candidate #114 - General Manager, Senior Project Manager, Senior Estimator

Name, Estimator, sales person, customer relations, Received AWI Standards of Excellence Awards. AWI certified. Honorary Lifetime Member of AWI. Offices held in the Quality Certification Program. Past president of AWI.

Candidate #113 - Drafter

Name, Expert in Auto CAD. (13 years). Construction Drawing, Millwork Shop Drawing, Urban Drawing.  Knowledge of architectural Millwork/commercial casework design and construction. (Commercial & residential).   Use of Microvellum Toolbox Standard software & similar cabinet software (2020 Kitchen Design, Sketch up, chief Architect) to produce detailed and accurate manufacturing drawings from architectural plans and specifications. Experience working with millwork and casework drafting.  Read and understand architectural documents, including the ability to determine the millwork scope.  Expert in Microsoft Office -Word, Excel, Power point- (7 years). · Knowledge of CNC Programming especially with Microvellum software. 

Candidate #111 - Senior PM or GM

Name, Project management, training, personnel management, processes, efficiency, macro vs micro project profitability,  record keeping and legal 

compliance, accounting, efficiency, marketing and promotion, performance and quality as marketing values,  error and rework avoidance through 

planning, scheduling and processes, AWI standards, submittal process, U.S. Building Code.  Also involved with managing customer expectations, adjusting to compressed schedules and producing accurate shop drawings. Proficient in MS office, QuickBooks Pro,  Autodesk, AutoCad 2D,  Adobe,  Bluebeam, estimating, tracking and scheduling. Knowledge and experience in the entire operation of a woodworking business, from estimating to close‐out, from ordering materials to fabrication of product, from shipping to installation – accounting, legal, taxes, human resources, etc. 

Candidate #112 - Senior Engineer and Project Manager

Name, Three + years of experience in drafting, with AutoCad, Inventor 2011 and 2012, SolidWorks, CATIA V19, Microvellum 6 and 7, 2014 Enterprise.

Prepare submittal drawings for architects and contractors (ex; kitchen and bath design, millwork layouts, counter top layouts, molding details, door and window schedules).  Communicate with project managers and sales to ensure accurate shop drawings are going to customers, shop and installers.  Prepare CNC programs and “as built drawings”, communicate with shop to ensure that what is being conveyed from shop drawings is what is being built and then going to the field to being installed. Review of architectural drawings and specifications for scope of work. 


Candidate # 110 - Senior PM/Engineer (possible General manager)

Name, Heavy experience in lead role in engineering, production schedule management, led site meetings, created all types of architectural millwork cad drawings,.  Candidate is proficient in AutoCad, Revit and 20/20. This candidate started in the shop and knows the systems and how to build architectural millwork.  Candidate has a B.S. degree in Interior Design - wants to stay in Connecticut.  


Candidate # 104: Senior Finishing Lead/Supervisor

Name, 4 years experience as a lead finisher and supervisor for very large entity. Excellent high-end color matching expert, understands productivity and how expensive re-dos can be.  Committed and honorable candidate.  Open to relocation, and willing to do what it takes to provide the best and most consistent finishes.


Candidate # 102: Project Manager, Executive    

Name, 17+ years as a project manager in northeastern shops.  An experienced and talented account executive/project manager with extensive experience in the field and the management office, with a strong record of achievement on both high end residential and commercial projects. Highly motivated and intuitive, effective at finding solutions to complex problems and able to manage both time and resources to bring multiple projects in on time and budget.    Open to relocation. 

Candidate # 99: General Manager

Name, 23 years experience, the last five as a general manager in a commercial architectural millwork company.  Employee supervised all departments in the company. Candidate is willing to relocate. References are impeccable.


Candidate # 98: Production Lead, Assembly    

Name, 27 years as a production lead in a 200 man shop. I run all assembly, work with demand flow and TCI, and understand the complex items on a job.  I am ready to leave because I have become stagnated by the bureaucracy of my current company.  I am in Hawaii but own homes in Idaho, LA and New York.  I have invested for many years and therefore relocation is not a problem.  I probably would buy a home wherever you are.  

Candidate # 96: Engineer/Engineering Manager   

Name, 18 years as an engineer in the architectural millwork industry. 2D and 3D drafting capable.  This candidate has experience as the senior engineer in the company.  Experience includes: cabinets, handicap and special needs considerations, appliances, etc.   

Candidate # 95: Production Manager    

Name, 24 years as a production manager in a residential and commercial architectural millwork company.   I personally can program and oversee programming of various CNC machines.  I believe in demand-flow manufacturing and embrace TCI.  I am available for relocation with the right package. I have no encumbrances with family that would stop a quick relocation.